Restorative Options

When we do decide that treatment is the best option, our office is dedicated to finding the best materials for your loved ones. 

Waiting - baby teeth are going to be shed. When the decay doesn't look like it's going to create a problem for a child, we may discuss waiting until these teeth shed or removing them.   

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) - one of the newest game changers - the silver component acts as an anti-microbial agent killing bacteria and preventing the formation of new biofilm, while the fluoride acts to prevent further demineralization of tooth structure. Application of SDF is simple and noninvasive.  

Admira Fusion- a non-bis-GMA, fluoride-free filling material that is the most bio-compatible and stable filling material on the market.

Glass Ionomer  - fluoride-impregnated filling material that when applied to teeth can stop cavities in their tracks while providing a more aesthetic solution. Sometimes we can paint this on the tooth like a sealant to prevent cavity growth.

Biodentine - calcium and phosphorous, just like your natural tooth. A bio-compatible material that can be used for restorative procedures when a large amount of tooth structure is missing.

Icon-dry - fluoride-free Resin Infiltration - treatment used for cavities in between teeth. If the lesion is detected in an early phase - we can stop it from progressing by creating a diffusion barrier not only on the surface but within the hard tissue, stabilizing and arresting the caries progression.

 Zirconia Crowns - when a crown is necessary, we opt for zirconium. It provides a natural look, is bio-compatible and extraordinarily tough.